ASRS Rack Support Warehouse

Rack Supported Warehouses or Clad-Rack Warehouses are self-supporting structures that make the maximum use of ground space and heights. By using the racks or shelves as the support structure that holds the walls and roof of the warehouse in place, this system itself becomes the core part of the warehouse building.

In last 5-year, we finished more than 3 big ASRS Rack Support warehouse that is more than 39-m high.

In order to show our customer this high rack support warehouse, we built one 40-m ASRS rack support warehouse inside our own factory which will be used to storage finished goods.

We manufacture following parts for our system:

  1. Crane ( 39-m high)
  2. Rack system Galvanized materials system; Omega beams
  3. WMS
  4. WCS
  5. Conveyor
  6. Electric control system

This is our main product in next 10-year. Welcome to contact with me for design and price.